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Very often external threats are implemented through internal sources

Poland and South Korea will hold joint military exercises in the autumn. Their goal is to test the latest military equipment that the Poles acquired in South Korea – testing both aviation and armored vehicles.

These are artillery systems, a multiple launch rocket system. That is, firstly, it will be a run-in of this technique in our conditions. Second, it will be such an advertising campaign, because Poland is going to produce this equipment itself. Accordingly, it tries to transfer it to Europe somewhere later. One more important point. The Americans are now creating weapons and hardware storage facilities. That is, such a storage facility has been recently opened in Poland, for the brigade so far, but there will be more in the future. That is, the equipment will already be stored there permanently. This makes the task easier. That is, they will no longer need to transport tanks, self-propelled guns.

We must not forget that a hybrid war is going on now.. People are affected economically, politically and informationally. And we should understand that in modern conditions, very often external threats are implemented through some internal sources. And therefore it is impossible to weaken attention, including on the internal contour of the country, because external forces can be involved.