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Adopting the Law on All-Belarusian People's Assembly will give a new impetus to the civil society development in Belarus

Based on the draft submitted for discussion, civil society structures can delegate up to 400 people to the People's Assembly, which is a third of the total number of the representative body.

The broad representation of civil society as a voice of interests of Belarusian citizens will allow to convey and bring to a wide public discussion their social needs and achieve solutions from the state to sometimes unnoticed problems, as well as increase the importance of the public sector and trust in government institutions.

The participation of broad strata of society in the election of delegates of the National Assembly will help to increase the people's interest in the processes of state-building, increase their involvement in socio-political events.

The responsibility of civil society actors to the groups whose interests they represent will also increase, thus making the leaders of the structures to find extra ways to use human and social capital, take measures to improve the efficiency of the functioning of various public associations.

Ultimately, the energy of civil society will be purposefully collected and channeled constructively, and its subjects will be able to fully realize not only their corporate and collective interests, but also become a real and promising partner for government agencies with whom they will share responsibility for the fate of the country, its further development and prosperity.