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From a peace perspective

The Head of the Presidential Administration, Igor Sergeenko, met with the labor collectives of the Mogilev region.

The event participants reported on measures taken by the relevant state structures to protect the constitutional order and independence of the Republic of Belarus, to counter economic, sanctions and information pressure on the country.

Meetings of senior officials of Belarus with labor collectives in the regions, which are held on behalf of the Head of State, seek to clarify the most pressing issues of the military-political situation. Such events are a great opportunity to inform the population openly, competently, on the basis of facts and high–quality analytical material about the current situation around our country, geopolitical challenges and threats of today.

Belarus is a peaceful country that has always advocated the resolution of all conflicts at the negotiating table and has repeatedly proved its constructive position to the world. We understand how important it is to hear each other, respect the national, cultural and historical foundations of any state, because we are all united in one thing – we cannot allow a global world conflict where there will be no winners. Our strength lies in unity, the desire of the Belarusian people to live with everyone in peace and harmony. But if we are threatened and not heard, then the country has something to respond.

It was important for the members of the labor collectives of Mogilev region to hear from the meeting participants that, in general, the country's economy is adapting to work under severe sanctions pressure, there is a positive dynamics of the country's GDP recovery, new sales markets are emerging and logistics is being built. In addition, the foreign trade balance is at record levels over the past six years, a good harvest has been obtained, which will fully ensure the country's food security. The main thing is that all social guarantees of the state are fully implemented, not a single program has been curtailed.