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Agribusiness, petrochemicals and mechanical engineering will continue driving the belarusian economy after the pandemic

This opinion was expressed to the Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA) correspondent by Alexey Avdonin, an analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research (BISR).

The expert noted that now, when the end of the pandemic is visible, many countries, including Belarus, are raising the issue of the national economy key sectors that will ensure its recovery, acceleration and growth. "It is hardly possible to find a cure-all for the recession right now. However, it thinking possible to change everything dramatically within a few months would be a dream. Clearly, the sectors that have driven the national economies will continue to be drivers. In case of Belarus, these are mechanical engineering, agriculture, processing industry and petrochemicals," says the BISR analyst.

Increasing the efficiency of these sectors and the development of medical products industry, services and IT are areas that are worth paying extra attention to, he added. According to Alexei Avdonin, it is equally important to provide a system of remote working and business coordination. A lot has been done in Belarus to develop the necessary technologies and a reliable communication system. This has also allowed businesses to work quite effectively under the current conditions, he emphasized.

Alexei Avdonin predicts that the competition of key economic centers will intensify in the next two or three years. It is important for Belarus to focus on creating modern goods and services, maintaining its position in traditional markets and opening up new ones. "Under such conditions, it is the quality of management that will be the key to economic growth," the expert said.