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BISR analyst: armaments development and production require a balanced approach

Drawing lessons and interim conclusions from the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine is extremely important to improve the effectiveness of the military organization of our state. This opinion was expressed to BelTA correspondent by Andrei Chernobay, military analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research as he commented on the meeting held by the President on the state defense order for 2022.

"Analyzing the course of hostilities, we note the increased importance of having a national defense-industrial complex capable of providing the Armed Forces with basic types of armament, military and special equipment, as well as ammunition, including high-precision", the expert believes.

The vital question is to increase the production capacities of defense enterprises, including the possibility of rapid convertion of other economies to military industries, if there is a need. At the same time, all investments in the Belarusian military-industrial complex should be properly estimated and justified.

"Armaments development and production have always been expensive. Therefore, on the one hand, we cannot afford to produce excessive, ineffective weapon, or weapon unclaimed in modern warfare. On the other hand, the technological lag in this area is unacceptable, as well as the focus on imported weapons and ammunition which we are able to produce ourselves", the military analyst stated.