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The economic effect is an indicator of the effectiveness of digitalization

Subject to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 381 "On digital development", assessment of digitalization of industries and regions will be implemented based on digital development indices, which will be publicly available in the information system "Showcase of Digital Projects". It will also contain information about ongoing pilot projects in the field of digital development. It is planned to create and use digital platforms by 2030. How will our lives change by that time? This was told by Vitaly Demirov, analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research.

Экономический эффект является показателем эффективности цифровизации – эксперт

– First of all, the state program "Electronic Belarus" will be developed, within the framework of which automation of interdepartmental interaction of document management systems is expected. Today, we are at the third transactional stage of implementing this program, when issues with the identification of those who make requests and with the full implementation of the unified information space of interdepartmental document management systems have not yet been fully resolved. But even if these issues are resolved, we cannot talk about complete digitalization. This is a complicated and integrated process, which is mentioned in the presidential decree. Serious results on this path may only be voiced when we see a tangible economic effect. We are talking about increasing labor productivity, reducing transaction costs, simplifying the access of enterprises and companies to global markets, etc.,– Vitaly Demirov believes.