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Money and peace: rental rate and the call to all business leaders

Today the main thing is to keep team-spirited workforce, to prioritize not making profit, but saving every workplace. This is the opinion of the guests of the program "Money and Peace" — Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Econometrics of the Belarusian State University, Candidate of Economic Sciences Yekaterina Gospodarik and expert of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research Aleksei Avdonin.


"If in times of crisis we support each other (this applies to both banks and enterprises), if we do everything to ensure that business does not collapse, then we will lay a good foundation for a new, post-crisis economic reality. Today is the time for our viewers to get acquainted with a number of publications, which very well describe the mechanisms of business measures in times of crisis, consumer behavioral models and contain useful practical advice", says Gospodarik.

"We are a single economic society, a single organism. And today it is important not to allow society to be divided into well-fed and hungry. After all, historical experience clearly shows that people are not ready to "beg for alms" for a long time. In the end, some "sailor Zheleznyak" will equalize everything with a bayonet and a butt", says Avdonin.