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The Polish ruling party makes a bet on fear

Poland has already started the election campaign. The ruling party and the opposition introduced their programs. Olga Lazorkina, analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, spoke on air of the "ObjectivNO" (eng. - "Objectively") program of the Public National TV channel (ONT).

Ольга Лазоркина

In considering why Belarus is increasingly mentioned in the election campaign in Poland, the expert noted:

- Fear in the election program is a very effective tool. Remember the millions of refugees from Ukraine, refugees on the Belarusian-Polish border. The situation in Poland is escalating as a whole, so they are betting on fear there. Moreover, all parties are doing this. They have two directions: fear and making as many promises as possible. Even the Polish media says that everyone is pretty sick of the amount of everything being promised. The question becomes, who will pay for all this?

Olga Lazorkina is confident that the situation will proceed in a different way:

– At the same time, the election campaign itself is striking not only by escalating the situation, but also by a certain primitivism of the technologies used. Including the constant mention of Belarus. We would never have been so honored to participate in their election campaign. Moreover, everyone, both the opposition and the current government, is building an election campaign including on the basis of our country.