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About the address of the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko to the parliament and the Belarusian people

Further socio-economic and socio-political development of the country presupposes the creation of mechanisms for developing decisions based on public participation and mutual trust of citizens and authorities.

In this regard, in his Address to the Parliament and the Belarusian People, the Head of State draws attention to the use of public initiative in governance.

Assessing the political maturity of the Belarusian society, he identified possible ways of applying its potential: "from the role of a trade union movement to the improvement of legislation and proposals to change the Constitution".

In fact, the forms of communication between the authorities and society that have already become traditional receptions of citizens, meetings between managers and employees of labour collectives, "direct telephone lines") are complemented by new tools for the effective use of knowledge and experience of the most active, organised and professionally trained part of the population in the development of the most important areas of development for the country through their participation in public scrutiny, public discussions of draft laws, public hearings and so on.

The new formats for interaction between the authorities and society correspond to the network organisation of a post-industrial society. Labour and educational migration, changes in attitudes to property, the emergence of new forms of employment, changes in the structure and quality of consumption, and the formation of a new social demand make the task of rethinking the scope of power and redistributing it more urgent. There is a trend towards transforming the attitude of the public sector towards the state institution into partnership and cooperation.

In today's society, the principle of subordination of the minority to the majority is being revised, since the information society is represented by hundreds of small groups and it becomes more and more difficult to single out the majority having a single opinion on one issue. On the contrary, society is increasingly disintegrating into small social groups that defend their interests, which must be taken into account when making consensus decisions.

Thus, by developing mechanisms for public participation in the management of public affairs today, we are laying the foundation for the country's sustainable development tomorrow.