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Briefly on the «digital neighbourhood belt» initiative

European experts have shown great interest in the initiative of the President of Belarus "Digital Neighbourhood Belt", the idea of which is to ensure digital sovereignty and neutrality, as well as non-interference of countries in each other's information resources. The implementation of the initiative is possible through the conclusion of bilateral agreements or a multilateral document on ensuring international information security, which will strengthen ties between countries and increase the effectiveness of joint countering terrorist threats in cyberspace.

Belarus is actively promoting this initiative on internal and external platforms, such as the International Conference on Combating Terrorism (3-4 September in Minsk), the summit of the heads of state of the CIS member states (10 October in Ashgabat), a session of the UN open-ended working group on achievements in the field of informatization and communications in the context of international security, as well as at the OSCE site in Vienna.