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Inviting Polish military to the CSTO exercises is a worthy step

Inviting foreign observers to large-scale exercises is the standard world-wide practice.. This is enshrined in international treaties and at the same time is a sign of trust and goodwill towards foreign partners.

CSTO officials informed the public in advance, including the international community, about the goals and objectives, places and dates of both the Combat Brotherhood-2023 and other exercises – Interaction-2023, a number of special exercises. No secret is made of the forces and means involved in the exercises, and foreign military personnel arriving in our country. A separate invitation of Polish military observers to the upcoming exercises amid clearly unfriendly actions and anti-Belarusian rhetoric of the Polish leadership looks not just decent, but also once again emphasizes that we have nothing to hide from the Polish military.

All the exercises held in September on the Belarusian territory are purely defensive in nature. Neither our country nor the CSTO as a whole have any aggressive intentions towards Poland or other Western states. We are once again giving NATO representatives the opportunity to make sure of this.