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Men of Vitebsk region: Results of social survey

On the eve of the Fatherland Defender's Day, in order to study the attitudes and value orientations of the male population of the region, the BISR Office for the Vitebsk region conducted an online survey "Men of Vitebsk region". The number of respondents was 1,337 people.

The results of the study show that, in general, 85 percent of respondents are currently satisfied with their lives. It is noteworthy that the older the survey participants, the higher this figure: in the category of 59 years and older, almost 90 percent.

The majority of respondents are optimistic about the future: 45.5 percent believe that their lives will change for the better, 45.7 percent – that it will remain unchanged. 9 percent of respondents do not have hopes for changes for the better.

Traditionally significant factors that men worry about are in the top of the problems.


It is noteworthy that the older the respondents, the higher their level of concern about the international situation (in the 46-58 age category – about 44 percent, 59 years and older – almost 47 percent). Aspects such as the nature of family relationships (noted by 7 percent) and personal safety (indicated by about 8 percent) are of the least concern.

Men successfully cope with life problems: the vast majority – 58.6 percent – noted they do not need any assistance. About 27 percent need financial support. At the same time, 37.2 percent of respondents consider their income level to be low, 60.4 percent – average.

Most of the respondents do not plan to change their lives in the near future. However, a significant proportion of the survey participants are focused on various kinds of changes.


At the same time, 79.2 percent of respondents show a high level of satisfaction with their work and professional self-realization. Only 3.8 percent express absolute dissatisfaction.

Traditional values for Belarusians prevail among the key life priorities of men of the Vitebsk region.



The survey participants demonstrate a wide range of interests.


At the same time, the men surveyed usually spend their free time at home (noted almost 86 percent), in the country, in the village (about 32 percent) or with relatives (about 23 percent).

Defining the key qualities necessary for a modern man, respondents indicated among the priorities the ability to earn and provide financial support for their family (67 percent believe so), to do a "man's" job (46.7 percent), get along with children, be a good father and head of the family (42 percent).

A modern woman, in the opinion of the men surveyed, should first of all be a good housewife and mother (80.3 percent), have high intellectual abilities (about 37 percent), be able to look good and take care of herself (34.8 percent).

Respondents consider the following fundamental factors to be the foundation of a strong family.


The majority of respondents (82.4%) simultaneously advocated the equal division of household responsibilities between a man and a woman.

Happiness in the respondents' understanding is, first of all, a friendly family, a reliable "rear" (54.2 percent answered this way), good health (53.2 percent), peace and security (49.9 percent).