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Our products are trustworthy. About long-term cooperation with foreign partners

The issue of entering the closed premium markets of other countries is being resolved at supreme level by the leaders of the states. Only they, according to internal agreements and arrangements, can give the green light to enter the market not only for enterprises, but for the whole country.

The most important outcome of the Head of State's visits to other countries is that Belarusian products are trusted. Because it's one thing to agree on supplies and not get any progress of these agreements, and another thing is to combine it.

Here we have everything combined – high-level agreements, subsequent visits and agreements of departments, enterprises, supply and evaluation by consumers of the quality and price of our Belarusian products.

We Belarusians do not focus on a short-term deal. The Head of State's standpoint aims at long-term cooperation, which implies, on the one hand, high management costs, because it all needs to be controlled and certain requirements must be met, and on the other hand, it gives bonuses in the future, because they trust us. Over the past 30 years, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, not only the system of international law has collapsed, but also the system of conducting trade.

The number of fraud cases in global trade has increased dramatically. But Belarus is not focused on a quick bonus, but on a long-term foreign economic policy, which gives great advantages.