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Analyst: Mogilev region produced import-substituting products significantly more than planned

Mogilev region produced $8 million more import-substituting products than planned. This was stated by Oleg Koropov, analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (Mogilev Region branch) in an interview with BelTA.

The BISR analyst recalled the words from the President's Address that "a socially-oriented economy has been and remains the foundation of the Belarusian statehood, it is this that allows today to maintain the controllability of economic and social processes, allows solving the issue of ensuring import independence".

"This is confirmed by the work of the economic sector of Mogilev region. Mogilev region, where more than 30 percent of the gross regional product is formed by industrial enterprises, has reoriented and is developing new directions. This is evidenced by the last year outcomes: in 2022, the region produced import-substituting products for $ 828 million, which is $ 8 million more than planned," Oleg Koropov gave an example.

The expert added that today the region faces challenges of further development, there are all opportunities for this.

"The resilient operation of the region's economy allows us to solve important social problems, improve the quality of life of the population. So, this year it is planned to implement major repairs of 21 schools, build 2 kindergartens for 240 places in Mogilev and Bobruisk, continue the construction of a new school in the Stasov-Grishin microdistrict in Mogilev. The region has built a strategy of a three-level system of providing medical care to the population with optimization of the network of healthcare institutions and personnel, completed the construction of a new infectious diseases building, as well as a radionuclide building of an oncological dispensary, started construction of a new emergency surgery building in Mogilev", the analyst told about the most significant social projects implemented in the Mogilev region.