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BISR analyst: Coronavirus – the front-line hardening of healthcare

"As the President noted in his report at the VI All-Belarusian People's Assembly, the coronavirus has become a front-line hardening that will bring the health system to a new level. Over the past year, the main forces of the health system have been thrown to counter COVID-19. Some medical institutions had to limit the provision of planned care, and some departments and hospitals were quickly re-profiled. This helped to provide the necessary assistance to all those in need and to prevent the pandemic outspread. The national health system has proven its high efficiency, professionalism and commitment of medical experts to the profession", Svetlana Aleinikova said.

At the same time, the coronavirus "highlighted" a number of issues that need to be addressed, the main of which is comprehensive health care.

"As practice has shown, the health of the nation is not only about treatment, the quality and availability of medicines, and skills of medical personnel. This is, first of all, promotion of healthy dietary and living habits, creation of extra framework for diseases prevention, social and professional adaptation of those who have suffered serious diseases", BISR analyst said. "An critical condition of health is the environmental, air, and drinking water improvement. Given the trend of the general aging of the population, the importance of the "geriatric medicine", the development of gerontology centers and other social services promoting active longevity, is increasing. A separate direction is the development of insurance medicine elements, increasing the personal responsibility for maintaining own health, as well as the employer's interest of the health and safety of the employee. A prerequisite would be a walking distance of health care facilities".

"The "Healthy Nation" project should be the result of a large-scale joint work of not only doctors, but also scientists, lawyers, social workers, managers, IT specialists, and others. The all-Belarusian scale of such framework will facilitate the strategic directions for developing its future, preserving the country's most valuable resource – human capital", Svetlana Aleinikova added.