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BISR analyst: the EEU countries are able to protect themselves economically

The EAEU countries are able to protect themselves economically, analyst of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research Vitaly Demirov alleged on the air of the talk show "Essentially" on the CTV channel, BelTA says.

"I think we ourselves are quite ready, in the framework of such a promising integration association as the Eurasian Economic Union, to defend ourselves. I really believe that, despite the sanctions, it has a great potential", Vitaly Demirov said.

He explained: if we analyze the so-called integration depth index (it takes into account both the dynamics of foreign trade turnover and specialization, cooperation of economies), everything is good enough. "It had been declining until 2009 but started to raise in 2010-2011 as the Customs Union was created, and then increased in 2015 when the Eurasian Economic Union itself was established", the BISR analyst noted.

At the same time, Vitaly Demirov pointed out that now it is necessary to adopt the sound financial and industrial policy and develop effective mechanisms inside union programs. Here, the first objective is to constrain inflation and ensure critical imports, which are necessary for development.