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Key points of regional growth: import substitution, export, scientific potential

Addresses for new technologies

The sanctions policy against our state has sharply raised the issue of technological sovereignty. Due to the insignificant volume of the Belarusian market, limited material (financial) and human resources, it is more difficult to achieve it than for other countries. In this circumstances, direct cooperation with the Russian Federation plays an important role, which allows quick identification of key points of regional growth, including in the field of import substitution.

Valery Buslov

Already today, Gomselmash JSC is developing financial resources for an import-substituting project for the production of complex technical units for agricultural machinery with further implementation on the territory of Belarus and Russia. In the near future, projects of StankoGomel JSC to create multifunctional processing equipment and SALEO-Gomel JSC to expand the model range of axial piston hydraulic pumps and hydraulic volume transmissions will be implemented, which will compensate for the shortage in the industrial sector of Russia that has emerged due to the departure of Western manufacturers and the lack of local analogues.

By the way, in 2021, SALEO-Gomel JSC could cease to exist due to accumulated debts. However, the state, realizing that the plant produces unique products, did not leave the enterprise and launched the rehabilitation procedure. Time has confirmed the correctness of the path pursued. The enterprise was able both to preserve the plant team and increase output. At the same time, sanctions imposed on our country have opened up new opportunities for the company: the demand for its products has increased significantly.

The same situation was observed at other virtually hopeless and financially insolvent enterprises. So, Mozyr Automobile Repair Plant JSC managed to increase the production and sale of components necessary for agricultural machinery in a number of Russian enterprises. The unitary enterprise "Vipra" has mastered the production of an analog of the Italian oil filter housing for agricultural machinery of Gomselmash JSC, the production of fittings for pneumatic brake systems of MAZ JSC is underway.

Опорные точки роста регионов: импортозамещение, экспорт, научный потенциалAchieving technological sovereignty is impossible without the use of scientific potential, the invention of alternative competitive products. A significant reserve in this regard is the existing scientific and production base (in the region - the Scientific and Technical Center of Combine Engineering of Gomselmash JSC, JSC Gomel Special Design and Technical Bureau of Hydropneumoautomatics, universities, other educational institutions).

Only this year Gomel Special Design and Technical Bureau of Hydropneumoautomatics intends to develop 15 new types of hydraulic blocks for Gomselmash equipment, the state program of innovative development of Belarus for the current five-year plan includes a project on the organization of production of mechanical transmission components for the production of a new generation of agricultural grain ¬harvesting and forage harvesting equipment. The five—axis machining center developed by Stankogomel JSC is not inferior in design features to the machines of one of the world leaders in machine tool construction - the German company Hermle.

There is no doubt that our own technologies not only contribute to the growth of the economy and the well-being of citizens, but are also one of the main factors in ensuring national security.

Valery BUSLOV, Head of the BISR Gomel branch.