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losses of Belarus in case of the exit from the EAEU could reach a quarter of GDP

Losses of Belarus in case of the exit from the EAEU could reach a quarter of GDP. Analyst of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research Vitaly Demirov spoke about it to BELTA.

"Taking into account the direct and indirect aspects of trade and economic impacts of Belarus and the EAEU, the effect of co-operation is about half of the current GDP. I would predict that the losses that may arise in the short term will be a quarter, maybe 20%, of our GDP. This is considering the fact that the prices for energy products can grow higher", - said Vitaly Demirov.

He stated that the Eurasian Economic Union contributes to the integration in four areas: movement of goods, services, capital and labor force. Each of these segments has its advantages.

“Besides, we must also take into account the fact that the EAEU is developing dynamically due to the creation of free economic zones with a number of third countries (Iran, Israel, Egypt, Serbia). The volume of the markets for the member countries is expanding significantly. The adoption of the Customs Code has significantly simplified a number of procedures that enhance collaboration in logistics and improve the overall business climate for the trade partnership", - said the BISR analyst. We speak about digital transport corridors, special regulations on products certification, which also made it possible to achieve sufficiently significant economic benefits.