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More mobile together: will Belarus be able to help Russia expand trade ties

Despite the closure of the most important export channels to European markets, Russia and Belarus have the potential to create non-standard logistics corridors. This will facilitate promoting products to the sub-sanctioned markets. Izvestia, together with experts, figured out how the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus can help each other in overcoming logistical gaps and creating new corridors to bypass sanctions.

At the moment, Belarus has not only a desire to maintain its position in regional trade, but also property in the EU, the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research told Izvestia.

— Belarus has no particular concerns with Lithuania or Poland, we have problematic aspects with official Vilnius and Warsaw, — BISR representative Olga Lazorkina explained to Izvestia. — It's worth remembering that business of European countries has its own interests, often not coinciding with the position of governments. The image of Belarus as a reliable, contractual partner cannot be changed by any restrictive measures. The Foreign Ministries of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, of course, switched to a different pattern of work, corresponding to crisis management in international relations. At the same time, the decrease in the number of public contacts does not mean that we have no relations with EU countries. In addition, logistical advantages allow our products to be competitive. Russia is our strategic ally and partner. This means that we see strengthening coordination as a key task in this regard, especially in the issue of countering unilateral restrictive measures.

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