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Record turnover and increased level of interaction: experts on Belarus-China cooperation

Belarus and China are on the point of signing a declaration on cooperation improvement to the level of iron brotherhood, all-weather partnership. In practical terms, this means trust between our countries. The increase in the level of bilateral cooperation will affect all areas of contacts between Belarus and China. Through the prism of these relationships, all ties in various spheres will be built: economy, politics, education, culture. This is the highest level of relations, which will contribute to an even faster and more expeditious solution of all issues on the Belarusian-Chinese agenda.

BISR analyst Siarhei Viarheichyk:

Our countries have established a trusting nature in relations, and this helps allows us to interact almost in all possible areas. It is very important at the same time that these relations are built on an equal basis. This is bearing fruit and clearly demonstrates the mutually beneficial nature of such cooperation. For example, China has already become Belarus' second trading partner. In China, Belarus is called a fraternal country. Our country is interesting and important for great China. First of all, because of the advantageous geographical position. The place of our country in implementing the "One Belt, One Road" initiative is very high. Despite political turmoil, this status does not change. Belarus retains a transit position for the rail route from China to Europe and ensures stability. And this is very important for China. But Belarus is also of interest as a separate state. We have an understanding with China on almost all issues on the international agenda. We provide mutual support. This is very appreciated in China. Same as Belarus appreciates China's constructive position on issues concerning Belarus. In the context of sanctions pressure on Belarus, cooperation with China in the industrial sphere is gaining momentum. Enterprises that have lost the opportunity to purchase equipment and components from Western countries are paying attention to Chinese manufacturers. Chinese business is adaptive. It feels the market situation and makes counter steps to offer its goods to Belarusian customers. Taking into account the drop in exports to Western countries, it can be assumed that China will become one of the priority areas. We have to be proactive with Chinese business in general, and focus on project activities. We need to offer profitable projects to convince Chinese businesses to invest in our economy. And cooperation should be of mutual benefit.

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