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The way to development is cohesion and unity of the nation

The independent domestic and foreign policy of Belarus resulted in an attempt to destroy the state by imposing economic sanctions on the part of the collective West, and the opposition to it once again clearly demonstrated how important such a concept as independence is for Belarusians.

Валерий Буслов

There is only one way to retain and strengthen it – through cohesion and unity of the nation. Consolidation of the government, civil society and citizens on the basis of common interests laid down by past generations of Belarusians is the only way to preserve and progressive development of the state. And in the current situation, the fundamental fact is that state construction is taking place on the foundation laid by the event that led to the actual independence of the Republic of Belarus – the Day of the Liberation of Minsk from the German occupation.

BISR Analyst Valery Buslov