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What topics do Belarusians most care about? Sociologists have found out


Topics that residents of the country most care about, have been named in Belarus. The data were provided by experts from the leading sociological centers of the republic.

They conducted extensive social research. For example, more than 90% of people believe that it is safe to live in Belarus. There are also no problems with employment and earnings. According to the majority of Belarusians, the salary level in the country is acceptable, same as the socio-economic situation of the state in general.

"We study pensioners, young people, the middle age group, residents of cities, villages, professional groups, e.g. doctors, teachers. It is critical for the state to understand and see the request of these citizens, to hear the problems that they worry about first of all, to know their interests and needs, and based on that, build communication more effectively," Svetlana Aleinikova, analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, said.

There are also problematic issues. For example, residents of small towns are concerned about the outflow of young people and the lack of doctors in local hospitals. And young professionals are not happy with the earnings at the first place of work and often do not stay where they were assigned. These issues have already been taken under control in Belarus.