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The Yanka Kupala Grodno State State University holds a meeting of BISR leaders with Rectorʹs Office and staff of the university.

BISR, – the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, – provides information and analytical support for the activities of state bodies and officials in strategic areas of foreign and domestic policy. The BISR Office is to open soon in Grodno, and the Institute representatives visited Kupala University to establish cooperation.

В ГрГУ имени Янки Купалы состоялась встреча руководства БИСИ с членами ректората и сотрудниками университета

According to BISR director Oleg Makarov, the Institute experience has shown that people with academic qualifications and working with large volumes of data and scientific methodology are most prepared for analytical activities. There is no better place to find such people than a university.

"The Institute is interested in people with completely different background: this might be both young specialists and those with extensive experience. We know that such cooperation can be very fruitful", Oleg Makarov said.

As part of the visit, a meeting and interview with scientists and staff of Kupala University was held. The BISR representative told about the institute's areas of work and the main ongoing projects.