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We remember – belarus remembers!

The victory in the Great Patriotic War is the most important event in the world history. May 9 will forever remain a symbol of heroism and courage of the people who fought for freedom and independence.

Every family has connections to veterans, whose memories create the overall picture of the liberation of our Motherland. It is the duty of every person indifferent to their country to write stories about the fate of people, whose every step was bringing closer the victory of our people, to the Great Patriotic War chronicle.

On the brink of the Victory Day, the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research joins the republican campaign "Belarus remembers". We publish family stories of our analysts about the life of their relatives, who fought in the Great Patriotic War (We remember - Belarus remembers!).

We invite our colleagues, experts, analysts, intellectuals, journalists and all people who care about the history of their families and their Motherland to join the memory relay.