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Civil servant – a state official in the field

As the Head of State asserted, the civil servant will be equated to the military. This approach is justified by the fact that the civil service in the Republic of Belarus addresses the implementation of state policy and ensuring the State functioning.

The level of professionalism, competencies and personal qualities of civil servants determine the quality and efficiency of solving state tasks and, ultimately, the quality of life and well-being of citizens, the prestige of the state as a whole.

At present, the state apparatus is facing new challenges, including the development of the information society, the expansion and complication of the range of state tasks, constant pressure from external forces, and attempts at destabilization.

The new conditions imply the formation of an open, competitive and prestigious public service, focused on the interests of citizens, society and the state.

It is important not only to attract the most trained and professional specialists to the civil service, but also to ensure the high quality and efficiency of their work, to act ahead of society's requests and to anticipate problems, to implement in practice the main principle of the Belarusian development model – State for the people.

In this regard, the new Law of the Republic of Belarus on Civil Service will introduce measures to improve the procedures of selecting for the civil service, assessment and certification of civil servants, ensuring their continuous professional progression, and increasing responsibility for decisions taken.

The set of developed norms will help to increase the prestige of the civil service, the efficiency and mobility of the state apparatus, as well as the civil servant being one of the main channels in society – state feedback.

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