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Combining the potential of the analytical centers of the CSTO member states serves the interests of the Organization

The proposals of the Belarusian President to enhance the predictive and analytical component in the work of the CSTO Secretariat and combine the potential of the analytical centers of the CSTO member states, put forward at the countries leaders meeting in Moscow on May 16, are important for improving the effectiveness of the Organization.

Today, representatives of the leading "thinks tanks" of the CSTO member states are already interacting actively within the Expert Advisory Council of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly Council, being involved in the development, revision and examination of draft model acts of the Organization.

However, the potential of analytical structures can be used much wider – to assess the processes being the case in the world and to forecast the development of the international situation, to develop strategic planning documents, scientific-analytical and expert-legal support for the CSTO activities, in other areas of the Organization's work.

The joint solution by the "think tanks" of the urgent problems facing the CSTO will serve the interests not only of the Organization as a whole, but also of each individual state.