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CSTO summit in Minsk strengthens the basis for further consolidation

The CSTO summit in Minsk concluded with the signing of the traditional declaration and a number of documents and decisions defining measures for the further development and strengthening of the organization. In addition, the consolidated position of the CSTO on the relevant issues of international and regional security was formulated.

The fact that almost all final documents approved by the Heads of States have been harmonised indicates that Minsk was able to retain and strengthen the spirit of cohesion and solidarity of the overwhelming majority of the organization's members. Despite the absence of representatives of official Yerevan in Minsk, subject to the rules and proceedings of the organization, all decisions of the CSTO summit are legitimate. To the honour of the partners, the Armenian Foreign Ministry remotely coordinated all decisions, documents and declaration. We hope, no surprises will arise with the official accession of the Armenian side to them.

Thanks to the proactive position of Belarus, an important achievement was the implementation of almost all priorities and undertaking all activities of the National Plan of our chairmanship in the CSTO. It should be emphasized that some of the priority areas of cooperation previously put forward by Minsk are of a long-term nature – not all issues, due to their complex and multidimensional character, can be resolved “here and now”. Therefore, we expect that they will be picked up in succession and recorded in the relevant program documents of Kazakhstan, as the future chairman of the organization, as well as the CSTO Secretariat.

For example, one of such priorities is to strengthen the information and analytical component in the work of the CSTO, in the implementation of which the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research was directly involved. Without going into details, I would like to note that we have generally managed to revive analytical work in the CSTO, establish closer cooperation between the basic analytical organizations of the member countries, as well as with the CSTO Secretariat.

Of course, the results of the work done are a collective success, the merit of many of our colleagues, friends and partners who have been actively and interestedly responded to Belarusian initiatives and proposals.

Therefore, the outcomes of the CSTO summit in Minsk have strengthened the basis for further consolidation of the member states in order to strengthen its foundation and transition to a new stage of development, as well as to ensure peace, security and stability in the area of responsibility through an adequate rapid response to emerging and long-standing challenges and threats.

Obviously, the CSTO, despite the difficult geopolitical situation in the world, remains an integral and key element of the security architecture in Greater Eurasia, and its role, significance and relevance in the system of international relations is steadily increasing. And most importantly, this process is irreversible and represents an upward steady trend.