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It is important for young people to see clear and transparent opportunities for building career and life in Belarus

The values of the youth, their views, interests and aspirations have a significant impact on the entire society and ongoing processes. The generation that was born and grew up in independent Belarus is entering the workforce. No wonder that the 6th All-Belarusian People's Assembly, paid special attention to the youth issues.

Today, our young men and women are coping with the most ambitious tasks. The social activity of young people, their optimism, energy, and citizenship, which has grown significantly in recent years, find expression in volunteering, charity, educational and sports events, and environmental initiatives. Based on survey conducted by the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus in 2020, most of young Belarusians (60%) over the past year have participated in voluntary projects, trade and student unions, sports and health clubs, creative teams, etc. Apart from that, today's young people are gradually developing a demand for participation in public and political life, and a desire to make their positive contribution to the country's future.

All this requires the state and leading youth associations to interact closely in solving common tasks, and to work systematically to involve young people in interesting and socially significant initiatives. We should also remember transparent and effective systems of personal, educational and professional growth – the infamous "upward mobility" and development drivers. For a young person it is important to be assured that success depends on personal initiative and skills, the ability to maximize his potential, to prove himself in constructive and creative activities. According to sociologists, in the opinion of young people, a secure future for themselves and their families can bee guaranteed, first of all, by hard and persistent work (51%). This was also asserted at the 6th All-Belarusian People's Assembly by the Head of State who noted that no wealth without is possible without hard work, skills and talent.

It is important for young people to see clear and transparent opportunities for building career and life in Belarus. If the most enterprising and talented young people are lost, they will seek to reveal themselves abroad. Therefore, in no case should youth be missed. One should be sensitive to the needs of young people, to provide them with clear guidelines for moving forward and self-realization, to protect them from destructive information impacts.

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