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Nature is an absolute priority

In his report at the VI All-Belarusian People's Assembly, the Belarusian President identified the security of environmental well-being among priorities of the state policy, economy, and public activities. The natural uniqueness inherent in our country largely determines the long-term development potential of Belarus and is of particular importance within epidemiologically unfavorable environment.

Among the promising aspects, the Head of State identified intensive organic agriculture, organization of waste and "closed-cycle" production recycling, development of "clean" energy sources, and the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. Special attention was paid to the national eco-services industry (eco-tourism, recuperation, sports and outdoor recreation). Moreover, ecological patriotism is an important element of the national identity of Belarusians.

The implementation of these areas will help our country to continue to maintain the status of an environmentally clean and friendly territory. The goal of building an eco-oriented state may become a new political and ideological platform for Belarus.