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Russia and Belarus prepare publication on industrial tourism for young people

The issue of launching a center for industrial tourism development on the basis of one of industrial enterprises of the republic is being worked out.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research (BISR) are preparing a publication on industrial tourism designed to open up this production sector to the youth of the Union State.

Today, BISR and ASI are working on the publication on industrial tourism. It will be a sort of opening of the Belarusian and Russian industry for young people with an emphasis on the achievements of the Union State.

The publication plans to reflect the existing mechanisms of interaction, cooperation, and hidden reserves of the industry of the integration association of the two countries.

An important component will be a part of the ideology or the so-called patriotism of industry, which will help to convey the value of working professions, ensure training and succession of personnel, and form the main ideologies of industrial tourism through the prism of its popularization.

Also, at the moment, the issue of launching a center for the industrial tourism development on the basis of one of the industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus is being elaborated, work is underway on methodological support for the maintenance of industrial tourism development strategies given the Russian side experience.

Scaling projects

The industrial tourism project is being developed by specialists of the two countries to further the memorandum of cooperation between ASI and BISR, signed in the course of the visit of the Director General of the Russian Agency Svetlana Chupsheva to Belarus in early 2023. BISR and ASI are searching for promising projects to scale in the Union State. One of these projects is "Industrial and Patriotic Tourism".

Industrial tourism can become a growth point for the regions, have a positive impact on involving young people in the development of the state and, in general, have a positive impact on the socio-economic indicators of the Belarusian economic model. Industrial tourism has a special meaning for the Union State, for it allows to demonstrate successful integration and cooperation, including the outstanding legacy of the Soviet era, using concrete examples.

Cooperative projects in industry are one of the key indicators of the successful union construction. Today, it is important to demonstrate systematically that the Union State is working – there are import substitution, jobs, and production logistics. But this area of tourism should be focused, first of all, on the patriotic education of young people. Demonstrating the industry achievements will help young people feel and believe that they are capable of great achievements, just like previous generations.

We are confident that cooperation with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives can become a successful example of developing new interstate formats in tourism and other large-scale projects. We expect that project activities in general will help to identify and scale best practices in various fields at the country and interstate level.