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The students of Vitebsk region are optimistic

Annually, on November 17, many countries of the world celebrate the International Students' Day. The holiday was established in 1941 at a meeting of students of countries that fought against fascism, which was held in London, but it began to be celebrated in 1946 after the World Congress of Students in Prague.

There are currently 238.5 thousand students studying in 49 higher institutions in the Republic of Belarus, of which about 4.5 thousand study in 5 universities of the Vitebsk region. How does the students of Vitebsk region live? To answer this question, the BISR department of the Vitebsk region conducted an online survey, which was attended by more than 850 students of the region.

The majority of respondents (72.6 percent) said that student years for them are primarily a period of active study, obtaining a profession. For 68.8 percent of young people, this is also the time of growing up, the beginning of independent life, for 13.8 percent – a carefree time filled with fun and communication. The absolute majority of the surveyed (about 87 percent) are satisfied with their student life, of which about 22 percent even more than expected.

About 60 percent of respondents spend their free time with friends, every third participant reads and is engaged in creativity, every fifth – sports. About 27 percent prefer to spend time on social networks. Every tenth respondent indicated that he/she does not have free time.

The top life values of respondents are family (68 percent), love and friendship (51 percent) and health (50 percent).

About 68 percent of respondents associate their future after graduation with work in their specialty and career building, 30.5 percent – with starting a family, raising children. At the same time, about 20 percent plan to find themselves in another activity unrelated to the obtained profession. About 15 percent of respondents plan to go for science while studying at a master's/postgraduate course.

The conducted survey of Vitebsk region students demonstrates an important aspect: young people are optimistic, creative, give priority to universal values. They are engaged in creativity, self-education, actively communicate. The student years are perceived by young people primarily as an opportunity to gain professional skills, learn independence. It is especially important that among the interviewed, the proportion of those who find it difficult to figure out their future is low, which shows there is a clear life strategy that many see in achieving professional success and starting a family.