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BISR analyst: Constitutional reform is our fateful choice

Constitutional reform is a fateful choice, it should be made with no haste, thoroughly and thoughtfully. This was the statement made by the analyst of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Ekaterina Rechits to BelTA as she commented on President Alexander Lukashenko's report at the VI All-Belarusian People's Assembly.

"The issue of possible constitutional changes is one of the most long-awaited topics of the President's report at the VI All-Belarusian People's Assembly. The Head of State believes that the constitutional reform should not be a reactive measure in response to short-term perceptions of society, and even more so in favor of external political players", the expert noted. "It is only a matter of internal consensus on the future development of Belarus. We have our own unique history, and we will experience it without any outside interference".

According to the analyst, it is critical that the process of constitutional reform is implemented with no haste, thoroughly, thoughtfully. Constitution "is not the document adopted just for today and for tomorrow." It is intended to formalize the final decisions on the overdue social-political and social-economic transformations, and set the development vector. "In fact," Ekaterina Rechits emphasized, "the Principal Law is assigned the role of a social agreement according to which the Belarusian society will have to live for many, many years. This is actually a fateful choice for which you need to mature".

The Candidate of Legal Sciences agrees with the Head of State that hypertrophied attention is traditionally paid to the issue of redistribution of powers of the highest state bodies, as if it is a panacea for all sorts of problems and hardships in the life of Belarusians. "At the same time, experience shows that it is premature to discuss such a matter seriously until mechanisms for granting new powers to state bodies and officials are elaborated", the expert said. "First, we need real guarantees that the "juggling" of powers will contribute to the strengthening of the state and nothing else. But with any variations, the future of Belarus is a presidential republic".