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BISR analyst predicts the prospects for CSTO development

The CSTO has not previously taken into account geopolitics in the sense that the union was created not against someone, but for collective defense at the regional level. This opinion was voiced to journalists by BISR analyst Anatoly Boyashov as he commented on the recent CSTO PA meeting. He made a forecast regarding the prospects for the organization development:

- In the near future, the CSTO's activities will focus on the use of peacekeeping potential with the prospect of entering peacekeeping operations, as well as further strengthening the CSTO coordination on military, technical and political cooperation on international platforms, which are slightly wider. In the same working bodies of the UN or the UN General Assembly.

That is, the interaction of the CSTO member states will be strengthened to support each other on issues of the international agenda and to defend a common position. Why is this necessary? Anatoly Boyashov explained:

- For example, the OSCE and the UN are classic international, intergovernmental organizations. Their members are States that can negotiate with each other at supreme level, but when they are not able to negotiate, which we see now, individual states walk away from negotiations. Then two main processes come into play: politicization and privatization. What does it mean? This is when funding instruments, project activities are opened at the expense of voluntary contributions, additional departments are created that operate in narrow direction and that meet the interests of only a certain group of states. The rest of the organization's participants have to ignore this, because when creating a highly specialized department, not all countries of the world can offer professional personnel and their own monitoring methodologies.