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Best youth projects chosen in Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research

The Belarusian Institute of Strategic Resarch summed up the results of the Republican Contest of Youth Analytical Projects (research) held with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM).

The contest involved 132 people with 92 projects, of which 32 were team works. Following the results of several stages of selection, including works assessment by an expert commission, the authors of 17 competitive projects (32 people) became laureates.

"Potential employers are present here: the Hi-Tech Park, the National Children's Technopark, the Belarusian Youth Union, the Development Bank, representatives of the Ministry of Education. And this is only a small part of the partners who are interested in your energy in the future. The main goal will be to connect you with potential employers and show your capabilities. I want to thank every participant, because it was amazing for us. In principle, we did not expect such interest. We take this project very seriously, because the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research is a practice-oriented structure," Oleg Makarov, BISR Director, addressed the participants.

"First, we discussed that there would be a lot of young people who would want to take part in this contest, but there were even more of them than we expected. Therefore, today we would like to hear from you, and most importantly, to see you in our organizations in which you would like to develop your future life," Education Minister Andrei Ivanets added. In his opinion, students can work on projects not only in their specialties, because today's rapidly developing world requires having as much knowledge and competencies as possible.

The BRSM Central Committee First Secretary, Alexander Lukyanov, noted that this project has already become successful. "Getting acquainted with the works, the competent jury emphasized that, despite your young age, you already have certain abilities of future analysts. You have proven yourself, and today the BISR is ready to act as your potential employer, and the BRSM is very happy to give you the opportunity to find a job in our student teams. Of course, this project is aimed at ensuring that in the future you can form a reliable staffing network of the national analytics system," he stressed.

Mstislav Kulagin, a 4th-year student of the Belarusian State University–Dalian Polytechnic University Joint Institute, and his colleagues presented the project "The image of a specialist contributing to the development of Belarusian-Chinese relations." "In the project, we analyzed various sources, including consulting with specialists who work at the forefront: the director of the Confucius Institute and professors from Chinese universities. In the course of the findings, we built the necessary growth points, thanks to which we can realize the potential for improving and promoting our relations," Mstislav Kulagin added. According to him, this project is a continuation of one of the previous projects, which was presented at the first conference of the student analytical club.

"My work is called "The professional reputation of a general practitioner as a key person of health care in the Republic of Belarus." Dean Svetlana Boyko helped me. I decided to explore the topic. What affects job satisfaction. I have studied a lot of different articles on the Internet on a similar topic," Alina Moiseychik, a 3rd-year student of the Medical and Psychological Faculty of Grodno State Medical University, said.

Following the contest results, the best participants will be invited to work permanently within the framework of the youth analytical movement "The Future of Belarus", where they will be able to participate in the Summer School of Young Analysts, internships at the best enterprises and organizations of the country, conduct research on the most relevant topics for young people with the support of the institute.