Personal appointment

General information

Individuals and legal entities can request personal meetings with senior officials of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies. You may pre-schedule a personal appointment or be admitted on a first come first serve basis during visiting hours.

To pre-schedule a personal appointment with the Director of the Institute or his deputies, please contact the assistant to the director or responsible officials.

Online enquiries forwarded to the official email address - yb.vog.rsib@ofni

- must comply with the requirements specified in the procedure for the consideration of application.


Visiting hours

Mr. Oleg Makarov

Position: Director

Days and hours available for scheduling a personal appointment: first Tuesday of each month, 10:00


Important information

Visitors are required to have an identity document (passport, residence permit). Representatives of individuals or legal entities must present documents confirming their authority. Visitors are also encouraged to have responses to their prior enquiries as well as other documents related to their current enquiry.

In case of temporary absence of the Director, his deputies and heads of departments, personal appointments are carried out by officials who perform their duties.

If the date available for visiting hours falls on a national holiday or it is declared a public holiday by the President of the Republic of Belarus, the visiting hours will be moved to the next business day.

By Decision of the Director of the Institute, BISR officials can film, photograph or make an audio and video recording of the personal meeting, of which the visitor will be notified prior to the beginning of the meeting.