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In the focuse of strategic partnership

The Belarus-Russia partnership traditionally aims at creation and results that does not exclude a rich dialogue in negotiating positions.

At present, the developing integration of Minsk and Moscow tests the strength of similar processes: consolidated pressure from foreign partners using sanctions mechanisms, pandemic impacts, and protests.

On the bilateral track, the sides are focused on implementing the priority interests: Belarus uses the Russia's potential to maintain strategic stability; for Russia, Belarus is seen as the core of the strategy in the post-Soviet space which may affect the attractiveness of integration projects, and is perceived as an important element of security for the Union State in the Western strategic direction.

During the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, the President confirmed the focus on strategic partnership, interdependence of Belarus and Russia in the issues of stability and security, commitment to the development of the Union State, and a joint vision of the future.

In terms of cooperation with Russia, of big importance in theses of Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Makei was refining practical significance and inviolability of multi-vector approach in foreign policy. It was noted that Belarus will not reject the multi-vector approach as this principle has sought to "have balanced and diverse contacts with the outside world, first of all, economic". At the same time, multi-vectoral focus "does not exclude the predominance of any vector".

The ongoing political crisis has only increased the demand for a multi-vector foreign policy, which is the only doctrinal approach whereby Belarus retains its subjectivity in the turbulent regional and global agenda.

Therefore, the theses voiced at the All-Belarusian People's Assembly address a number of questions clarifying the matters of Belarus-Russia relations, and they can bee seen as a programmatic vision of the interaction framework on the part of official Minsk.