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Minsk-Harare: existing risks, emerging opportunities

In the next ten years, the African continent will develop faster than other regions of the world as a market for goods and services.

Zimbabwe is striving to increase the number of reliable ties around the world, and Belarus is a convenient partner that does not have a colonial past and shows no claims to geopolitical dominance. Despite various objective difficulties, work in this country is attractive both for receiving dividends from implementing short-term projects, and for establishing cooperation with African partners in a wider geographical range.

Zimbabwe's main resources are its favorable geographical location and mineral reserves. Climatic conditions create prerequisites for intensive development of agriculture.

An important resource is the population, being today one of the most educated in Africa, which creates additional opportunities for the development of the country. Belarusian education is in demand in Zimbabwe, as well as in Africa as a whole, as evidenced by the signing in May of this year of the roadmap for 2023-2025 in the field of higher education and university science between Minsk and Harare.

In Zimbabwe, Belarusian agricultural machinery is in demand, there is a need for heavy, underground and surface mining equipment and other materials needed for mines.

In addition to direct supplies, there is a need for modernization of railways and highways. Urban environment requires solutions in the field of public transport.

Taking into account Zimbabwe's dependence on electricity imports from neighboring countries, the construction of energy facilities is a long-term promising direction.

Zimbabwe faces a difficult task of developing the healthcare system – the construction of medical facilities, the training of hospital staff.

Dynamic entry into the African markets requires concerted efforts with partners who have advanced in the implementation of their own strategies on the continent, while being balanced for Belarus. Thus, the level of interaction between Zimbabwe and South Africa suggests the prospects of joint Belarusian-South African projects in this country and the states of the region.