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For the new world, the key is not to breakthrough, but to preserve the best

The largest economic event in the post-Soviet space is taking place in St. Petersburg – the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, the leitmotif of which was the phrase "turning point".

This year, the Forum celebrates its quarter-century anniversary. It is noteworthy that this event takes place during the period of breaking the established rules of interaction in the economy, politics, and social sphere at the global level and draws a sort of a line under the next life cycle of the world community.

Directions presented at the Forum are included in the top agenda for Belarus. The Union State, the EEU, and the "far arc" are the current Belarusian topics.

Theses voiced by the event participants highlight the efficiency in decision-making. Today, it is necessary to build the tactics of the transition period, which promises to be long in time and large-scale in tasks.

Recently, a lot of positive experience has been accumulated, proposals and initiatives have been formulated that are waiting in the wings. It is important to understand that the key to building a new world should be a multi-level approach, which implies not a breakthrough, but adaptation to new conditions while retaining best practices and developing proposals for the state, business, and external partners so that it is possible to move to a new level.