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Public discussion of the National Security Concept – an exceptionally correct decision of the President

The Head of State's decision to submit the draft of the updated National Security Concept of the Republic of Belarus for public discussion is exceptionally correct and fully meets the interests of both the state and the citizens of the country, Andrei Chernobay, Military Analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, said to BelTA commenting on the meeting between President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich.

First, it will significantly expand the range of specialists in various fields and expert community representatives involved in the process of developing the most important strategic document. Therefore, this will allow us to compare all positions and provisions of the Concept, finalize them, if necessary, notice some missed moments in time, fill in the gaps, the analyst believes.

Second, "discussing the draft Concept on dialogue platforms, in workplaces and educational institutions will contribute to the inclusion of people in the national agenda, will increase the level of legal culture of the population, allow each citizen to study in detail the most important issues related to ensuring the state and society security, to understand own role and place in ensuring national security," the expert noted.

The national discussion of the draft updated Constitution of the Republic of Belarus was followed by a unique practice emerged in our country – involving the whole society in the elaboration and discussion of strategic documents defining the ways of development of the state. This contributes not only to the qualitative development of such documents, but also to their highest legitimacy in the eyes of citizens, Andrei Chernobay said.

Ensuring military security is a nation-wide affair

Practice shows that in modern conditions, the state's military security ensurance goes far beyond pure military issues, Andrei Chernobay, Military Analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, told BelTA.

The analysis of Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine clearly shows that in modern armed conflicts, political, economic, informational, demographic, environmental and other issues are closely intertwined with the military component itself, the expert noted.

"Moreover, priorities may change at different stages. If at one stage the emphasis is on the combat operations, then at another stage it may shift to political or informational issues. As for the economy, first of all, the uninterrupted and efficient operation of the military-industrial complex, today it can be safely called the basis for ensuring the military security of the state," the military analyst said.

Thus, the Fatherland protection in modern conditions becomes a nation-wide affair. This means that every department, every enterprise and organization, based on the specifics of their activities, every citizen should see and understand their own role in ensuring the military security of the country. And the updated Concept of National Security of the Republic of Belarus will contribute to this understanding, Andrei Chernobay believes.