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Strategic sense of the African vector

The dynamic development of the Belarusian-African multifaceted cooperation is based on a mutually respectful dialogue and readiness to take into account the national priorities of the partners. In the current environment, this is very important for Belarus. Many African leaders demonstrate their readiness to pursue an independent policy based on their own interests, which naturally arouses the respect of the Belarusian side.

Our manufacturers do not always understand the specifics of the local culture. This requires cooperation in the social sphere (education, youth policy). It is very important to understand the specifics of doing business by the partners. The more knowledge we have, the easier it will be to develop mutually beneficial cooperation strategies.

However, in principle, we are heading in a positive direction. The most densely populated regions of the planet largely determine the future. These regions must develop to enable the growth of the global economy. Consequently, the minority that controls world trade is interested in the development of these regions being manageable.

At the same time, the countries of the region are trying to evolve their own development strategy. A new system of transport, logistics and financial flows is being developed, the banking sector and the economy as a whole are being transformed. We must integrate.

Separately it is worth to mention the issue of food security, which is an overriding concern of the African continent. We have products, we have certain competencies in the field of high-tech food production technologies. The food problem is one of the fundamental causes of many conflicts on the continent. Therefore, interacting with African counterparts in food security is an important area that opens up great prospects for Belarus.