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The US President's Inauguration is the Final Act of the Political Cycle in the Country and the World

For the first time in the U.S. history the election of the Head of State questioned the stability of democratic institutions in the country. Unprecedented security measures make this once-commemorative show disquieting and unsaid.

At the same time, domestic events are bringing the United States closer to the rest of the world. Today, most countries – small and large – are in the same boat, with similar challenges in the social and public aspects. And each country has to look for its own ways out of the crisis. A dialogue as a reasonable and most effective way to resolve contradictions in society requires a strong political will of all participants. Transition to this stage is a matter of time.

Today, amid political polarization, everything is fair. The situation emerging around the still acting US President D.Trump, is an eloquent example of this. Double impeachment, demonstrative blocking on social networks, and charged with sedition by both sides are easily explained by articles of the Constitution, which is interpreted in different ways depending on the goals of the sides. Trump's supporters call the impeachment an act of political revenge. In fact, the constitutionality of impeachment for the President whose powers had expired, still need to be considered by lawyers. On the other hand, the danger to society is really high. Donald Trump has almost 70 million Americans behind him. In addition, the risks of setting a precedent should be kept in mind. None of those has been the case in the U.S. history so far. Obviously, despite the number of emotional statements, impeachment as a political procedure will be held in compliance with regulations and will take several weeks. Its main goal is to deprive D. Trump of the opportunity to take part in 2024 elections. But, the real result today is a blow to the U.S. Republican Party and aspiration to maximally split the pro-Trump camp.

At the same time, the planned return of the new J. Biden administration to international environmental agreements, arms control, and cooperation with international associations is encouraging. The team of the President-elect comprises a wide range of people with strong scientific background and practical experience in senior government positions.

Democrats' economic agenda appears more pragmatic. They will start to operate in a new reality – internal instability and the need to implement the traditional practice of "distributing social benefits" and "promoting global technology corporations." At the same time, efforts will be made to promote global democracy and revitalize U.S. diplomatic leadershi.