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Educated and patriotic young people are a kind of social «gold reserve» of the country and society

On September 1, the President of Belarus addressed the youth of the republic in the format of an open lesson. Through communication with pupils and students, Alexander Lukashenko once again called on all of us to protect and preserve our independent Homeland, our Belarus. What previous generations managed to achieve with hard work, and sometimes at the cost of their lives, should not be lost in our, albeit difficult, but peaceful time. Modern sovereignty and statehood, with their obligatory attributes – territory, people, language, culture, state symbols – were not given to us by someone, but suffered by grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

BISR analyst Serge Volchkevich

In this regard, special attention is paid to young people. Educated and patriotic young people are a kind of social "gold reserve" of the country and society The process of its formation is one of the tasks facing the education system, as well as one of the key directions of the state youth policy. The President showed by his example how to make young people know and understand that our history includes many glorious pages, we have someone and something to be proud of. We occupy a worthy place in the family of nations. We don't want foreign – but we won't give up on our own either!

The Head of State has hinted more than once and, sometimes, openly said that young people need to more often think about tomorrow, see ahead, but at the same time "do everything on time, without putting off..." We need to safely declare our initiatives, and not to wait for others to decide our fate.