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On national security issues of the country

On Tuesday, Head of State Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting of the Security Council dedicated to the consideration of two important strategic planning documents — the draft National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine of Belarus. The importance of the event, according to the Belarusian leader, is also due to the fact that subject to the new Constitution, both documents are approved by the All-Belarusian People's Assembly.

об аспектах национальной безопасности страны

President Alexander LUKASHENKO:

«Ensuring national security is our common task, for every citizen of Belarus.».

During the meeting of the Security Council, January 16, 2024

With regard to the new Military Doctrine, it fully takes into account the ongoing profound changes in the military-political situation and new military hazards. Approaches to determining the nature of modern military conflicts have also been updated in the interests of developing adequate response to the armed protection of the country.

Belarus is a peaceful country

It should be noted that the decision to draft a new Military Doctrine was made after endorsing a new version of the National Security Concept in February 2023. The Military Doctrine does not presume a cardinal revision of the provisions of the state's military policy, the current provisions have remained unchanged, and its defensive nature has been retained. The emphasis is placed on such national values as peace, stability, and security. It is emphasized that Belarus does not threaten anyone. But attempts to interfere in internal affairs, and even more so the threat of military force or aggression, will be suppressed using the full potential of the state.

The economic basis

The President regularly sets the Government only one main task — to develop the economy. This is the cornerstone. It's no secret that the West is unsuccessfully trying to throw an economic lasso at our country. Therefore, the economy is one of the key issues in national security.

BISR analyst Maxim IVANOV: — Economy is one of the fundamental pillars of national security. Without a stable economy, implementing other security functions becomes practically impossible. The issues of technological sovereignty and import independence are of particular importance in modern conditions. Neither country in the world can fully localize the manufacture of a high-tech product. Our task is to ensure that the key components of Belarusian brand products are produced either within domestically or in friendly countries. Increasing technological independence is solved through developing its own science and design base, as well as acquiring best practices in technology.