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Training seminar of Academician V.F. Loginov: «The influence of human factors on climate change»

On May 25, the BISR hosted a training seminar of Vladimir Loginov, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Chief Scientist of the Center for Climate Research, on the topic "The impact of human factors on climate change".

As part of the event, the following discussion theses emerging at the interface of climatology and geopolitics were raised and discussed:

- some matters on the objectivity of the dominant scientific ideas about the causes of climate change and its economic consequences;

- the challenge of poor data quality about the state of the world's climate;

- determinacy of the green economy project by geopolitical interests;

- the economic feasibility of implementing the green economy program in developing countries.

At the final stage of the event, the BISR analysts actively joined the discussion, considering with the scientist a number of practical and general theoretical issues related to the interdependence of regional development, climate and ecology.

V.F. Loginov