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EEU and CIS should implement advanced mechanisms of exchange trade together

BISR analysts took part in the Annual General Meeting of the International Association of Exchanges of the CIS Countries.

The Exchange Forum brought together heads and top managers of more than 20 commodity and currency and stock exchanges from Europe and Asia.

At the plenary session, the event participants discussed relevant issues of developing commodity and financial markets of the EEU and the CIS, including current trends in the energy market, the impact of commodity exchanges on food security, the use of exchange instruments for insuring foreign trade risks and prospects for implementing exchange integration projects in the post-Soviet space.

In today's complicated geopolitical conditions, the development of exchange activity within the CIS is an extremely critical economic challenge, since it allows creating transparent, market conditions for the interaction of economic entities, making goods cheaper and more accessible to the end consumer.

In the framework of integration cooperation, it is more important than ever to jointly develop and implement advanced mechanisms of exchange trading that would make commodity producers free to sell their products in a difficult current situation. This, first of all, is a quick search for suppliers and customers, diversification of commodity flows from west to east, introduction of new commodity groups into the exchange turnover, work with new currency pairs, in particular, with the yuan, providing guarantees not only for payments, but for goods delivery as well.

ЕАЭС и СНГ нужно вместе внедрять передовые механизмы биржевой торговли