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Lazorkina on SDG implementation: in any era, the contribution of each country to the whole is important

Olga Lazorkina has attended the second National Forum on Sustainable Development.

For several years now, the world has entered a phase of transformation The pandemic, over 180 conflicts, as well as unilateral sanctions, have created a tilt towards escalation. We are being stuffed with geopolitics as another reference point in assessing all events and processes.

While some people live by their own "rules", a large proportion of the world community implements global programs that are clear and meet the interests of all participants. One of them is the UN Global Programme on Sustainable Development Goals.

The historical experience of Belarus has shown that in any era, the contribution of each country to the whole is important, and national egotism has always been on the wrong side of history.

What does it mean to be a worthy member of the international community today? Belarus' response includes a number of points. It ranks 30th in the total progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals, with four points up only within a year; full food supply; systematic work in the field of ecology and environmental management; 30% of waste is used in production; ensuring energy security - and this list can be continued.

Holding of the Second National Forum on Sustainable Development clearly shows that the agenda of the global community is very broad, multidimensional and multifactorial.

The Belarusian formula for the SDGs implementation forms the backbone of the UN Global Program, ensures the resilience of its implementation, and therefore contributes to the common cause of achieving stability and establishing a just world order.