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Belarus and new platforms of the future

In the current conditions, the role of integration associations in the post-Soviet space is changing dramatically. Past assessments, which were mainly reduced to their insolvency, naturally fade into oblivion. Partner countries are concentrating their efforts and resources on those areas that ensure sustainable development and create new platforms for the future.

The notorious "uncertainty” of world processes, to which many problems are attributed, is adaptable. It is important that the key elements remain unchanged - stability, reliability, confidence. Belarus has all these competencies – they have been elaborated over the centuries of our history.

Therefore, it is important for us to develop cooperation with serious and responsible partners, which, as the pandemic has shown, remained exclusively in post-Soviet integration formats — the Union State, EEU, CIS and CSTO. In addition, today we are consistently moving towards the "Great East" or Greater Eurasia, where Belarus is perceived not as an invited guest with preconditions, but as a full-fledged player and partner.

In the decades to come, Belarus, with the help of its allies and partners, expects to finally end the useless and harmful discussion about the primacy of some ideas and ideologies over others, including on certain international platforms that had forgotten their functions and are drifting with the flow of ideological cliches and prejudices.

Over the past two years, Belarus has decided on its priorities, clearly saw its opportunities and limitations, which is consistently becoming part of the national strategy for the future development of the country in our traditional civilizational and cultural framework and conditions.

But we would not have done justice to our historical memory if we had declared that we closed ourselves from the West. Growing up is a long process, we recognise this and are ready to wait. Responsibility, balance, independence will emerge over time, helping us to look at each other from a completely different angle. Belarusians have never been vindictive…