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Regional security. Growth points

Changing socio-economic realities, growing inequality and poverty increase the likelihood of political instability in many countries and regions. Today we are witnessing tensions between the main international players in promoting their interests, norms and values, the diffusion of isolationist sentiments, the expansion of technological competition, the worsening conflicts in a number of regions of the planet.

The events being the case in our region and the world over the past two years show that some turbulent processes are inevitably followed by others. At the same time, analyzing their outcomes and patterns, it should be noted that only established state entities capable of forming and implementing new formats and models of cooperation, including at the regional level, can pass through the vortex of instability.

As the Belarusian Head of State rightly pointed, "the situation in Kazakhstan has shown that not only the Slavic, but also the Central Asian brotherhood has become a target" of destabilizing the post-Soviet space organized by the West. At the same time, the successful conduct of the CSTO forces peacekeeping operation on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan saved the country from slipping into a situation of powerlessness and political and managerial collapse.

Therefore, Belarus, together with its closest allies, will further take all necessary measures to ensure sovereignty and independence, as well as to combat common threats and crises in the post-Soviet space.

Apart from cooperation in security, it is important for Belarus to develop comprehensive relations with Russia, China, Central Asian states, where cross-border hubs of interaction are being formed, and with the "far arc" countries.

Adequately responding to the West sanctions policy and other challenges of our time, we are able to offer not only our transit capabilities, but also the role of a donor to regional security, as well as the experience of a medium-sized and large-scale economy of a post-Soviet state that resisted the hybrid onslaught of the "color" revolution. We will use all these resources in the process of formulating and implementing our foreign policy.