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On transforming national interests in the political sphere

Updating the National Security Concept, as well as updating the Constitution, is a very responsible step that determines key approaches to ensuring the sustainable development of the country for years to come. Based on this vision, each new generation of Concepts should consider, first, the fundamental basis for understanding the essence of national security and its main elements, second, the possibility of comparing and assessing the dynamics of the state of national security in the long term, third, the presence of an optimal ratio between the paradigm of preservation (protection) and development, fourth – the ability to ensure manageability and uninterrupted functioning of life-supporting subsystems, including in conditions of significant aggravation of challenges and threats.

With reference to developing further approaches to clarifying national interests in the political sphere, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that the most important feature of interests is their dynamic nature, and not necessarily in a progressive direction. This circumstance once again testifies to the need for a purposeful balancing of the entire system of interests — both the individual, society, and the state.

The most relevant objective is to ensure the synchronous adaptation of the Concept with the norms of the updated Constitution endorsed at the February 27, 2022 referendum. The new Concept should provide for the reflection of such constitutional changes as the direct effect of the Constitution, the protection of historical memory and historical truth, the inadmissibility of aggression from the territory of Belarus, the principle of social responsibility, and others. At the same time, the basic needs of any nation remain unchanged: survival, safety and well-being. For Belarus, the fundamental guidelines for determining national interests are the responsibility for the present and future of the country, peace and civil harmony, and the well-being of citizens enshrined in the preamble of the Constitution.

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