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Meeting with Kirill Koktysh

On August 17, a working meeting was held with a Russian expert, Doctor of Political Sciences, MGIMO Professor Kirill Koktysh. During the meeting, promising formats of expert interaction were discussed.

According to the Russian political scientist, today it is necessary to focus efforts on developing a new conceptual apparatus that would explain in an accessible and, most importantly, realistic way the processes that the analytical community observes in international relations.

The Belarusian-Russian expert dialogue has undoubtedly received a new development. However, the problem areas remain. The Russian expert believes that efforts should be focused not so much on understanding the specifics of internal processes, but rather on analyzing opportunities for creating new niches that will ensure the successful integration of the two countries into the system of international relations, the rules of functioning of which are being developed, including by Belarus and Russia.

Встреча с Кириллом Коктышем
Встреча с Кириллом Коктышем